Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yesterday, on the mountain (as we now call our home), was exquisite!

It rained most of the day but the morning was warm.

We started a fire late in the afternoon as the rain cooled things off.

Then the skies cleared and the stars shone. They were so close, it felt like you could touch them.

We did very little in the house as a result.

There were still boxes under the kitchen bar, boxes in all the bedrooms, and boxes on the table. But none in the middle of the room anymore.

So we rested. We really didn't do anything but revel in the fact that we got the right home at the right time.

This morning we knew that our contractor was coming to work on stuff. That was good enough to empty a few boxes, move things around, make some decisions about what to put on what wall and generally get moving.

I stopped for a moment to admire the tree in our front yard. White blossoms but no earthly idea what kind of tree it is.

But it is gorgeous!

And it is just beginning to leaf.

But I had to end my rest and continue to put things away. When I entered our bedroom, I found someone truly at rest. At the time she was snoring, but she raised her head to tell me that sleeping was a good thing.

She was very convincing.


There were boxes to unpack and the contractor was coming.........

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