Friday, May 4, 2012

Flora and Fauna

OK. The neat (do people still say neat??) part of living in a rural area is the flora and fauna that surround you.

Today gave some great examples.

First, here is the lupine in the field next to us.

Now I must apologize. They are fading. I should have taken this last week but, well, I didn't have a camera that would extend from my hospital bed to here. Sorry 'bout that......

But the really great thing today were the visitors to the back yard. I look out my kitchen window and there they are.

Doe and fawn just munching away on branches and grasses. They didn't even move when I came outside to take this pic.

They did move later. Did you know that fawns don't run? They BOUNCE! And they have so much fun doing it.

This morning the spouse tells me we had a wild turkey in the front yard.

I am getting an education and loving it.

There is no place like home......

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  1. I am so happy you love your home.......enjoy and keep smiling!

    Scott N.