Monday, July 16, 2012


When Mel and I first saw this place we gave a giant sigh of relief. A small home on a bit of acreage in the middle of nowhere. Where we could sit on the porch and read.

Where we could plant flowers and watch them grow.

But we knew that we had to have a plan. A way to escape if Mother Nature got really pissed or some yawhoop got REALLY stupid. That would mean fire. And fire in sagebrush country is very, very dangerous.

So the plan is grab the dogs and the cats and get the hell out o' here. Nothin' but us and the pets.We keep the traveling cages close at hand and easy to get. Just in case.....

Well, welcome to almost just in case.

That is not a cloud.

And that is not a cloud.

That is smoke. Big, billowing smoke. Which a short while ago was orange and pink with heat and debris. It is about six miles away at this point.

We have been told by the CHP to stay put for the moment. The fire is going the other way.  But I just looked out my window and saw this:

So, it may be just in case.

I will keep you posted.

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