Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to the Children.........

There is something very wonderful happening at my house.

It's "the kids".

You see, long ago, when Zelda came onto the scene there were several physical discussions about who was the leader of the pack. Mohawk was male leader (the only one, therefore...) but Zelda had issues about LadyBug's role.

It took some time to get them to tolerate each other.

Then we introduced two new cats. At the time we had a Russian Blue named Mithrander. A bundle of cuddle in a fierce body; Spot, a pure bred Cornish Rex; and Spot's niece, Lady Tiara Rex (better known as TezzaButts).

To say that the dogs were indignant about such intrusion would be an understatement.

So the divided house began.

Dogs had the kitchen and the family room.

Cats had the living room and ALL of the bedrooms including their own cat room.

And so it remained for many years and a couple of moves.

Then.....we bought the SMALL house. Mithy, Spot and TezzaButts had crossed the bridge so we were down to Diamond and Putter.

In the small house we gave them a cat room. But they had to share with me and my computer. That meant that the dogs had to be allowed in when I was there because, well,.......I am the Pied Piper of the pack.

You see we settled the discussions about leader by ME becoming leader.

The Cats didn't agree but they were being fed and the cat boxes cleaned so they really didn't care.

But yesterday, I found out how far we have come.

Take a look.

All three dogs. Asleep at my feet. No discussion about who sleeps where or when.

And then....

Putter languidly walking around and pausing to say hello to LadyBug! No hissing or growling. Just a very quiet "meow".

Oh, the little beds around LadyBug----they belong to the cats.

Peace in the Valley!!!!!

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  1. If that were Max the meow might mean "I could do unspeakable things to you while you sleep, you know..." 'Course, then he would run and get up high where a dog could not get to him, because he's really only brave when nothing is on the line ;)