Monday, November 12, 2012

Sleeping Alone

Since we rescued her from a puppy mill, Zelda has had a pack. She was the Alpha Female. A title that she and LadyBug would occasionally discuss. Such discussions usually led to time outs in respective cages.

But by the time we moved to the mountains, LadyBug was too old and infirm to discuss the matter anymore. She just didn't care. And I had asserted my Alpha Female rights.

But Zelda had a pack around her. Mohawk and LadyBug were always there. For 10 years.

LadyBug cleaned her face every day. Mohawk always sniffed the other end. Don't ask me why.

When Bug and Mo passed, Zelda began looking for them. Especially at dinner time.

The routine had always been that Zelda ate in her cage (in Grover Beach) or the laundry room (on the mountain) She was served first. LadyBug was in her cage (Grover) or the bathroom (mountain). She was always served second. Mohawk was last and he ALWAYS got the kitchen.

When we first put her food in the kitchen, Zelda would not eat. She ran up the hall and into the bathroom. She finally came back and ate.

She won't sit with me in my chair but she will sit with Mel. Mohawk and LadyBug always sat on my lap for tv time.

She sleeps at the end of the bed refusing to take Mohawk's or LadyBug's place at our side or on the pillows.

She follows either of us around, not letting us out of her sight.

We talk to her alot. We take her for walks and let her sit on the front porch with us.

But the worst, for her has been sleeping by herself in the cat room. It takes her quite awhile to settle down and drop off. And she won't go in the room without one of us.

She misses them more than we do.

She gets lots of attention now. THAT she really, really likes.

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  1. Awww... It took our dog, Hank, a good six months to stop looking for his cat-mom, Dusty, after she died. I think after the first couple of months he was no longer sure what it was he missed and was trying to find, but he wandered around the house, poking his nose into places she normally would be. Sometimes I think the first couple of weeks were harder on him than they were on us...and I was a wreck.

    He did like the extra attention, though, no denying that...