Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Pride Runneth Over

 I went to the dress rehearsal for the Vocal Arts concert tonight. I had to see the show in rehearsal as I would be a bit busy this weekend. THE KID (as brother Dan called her) is graduating from law school.
Well, the ceremony is this weekend. She finished the program last August. 
And this week, she sat for the Bar Exam.
She was under strict instructions not to talk to me during the three days of the exam. I couldn't trust myself to not tell her what to do or ask her questions about it. Both are VERY bad during that marathon.  
So for three days I have heard nothing except a text each evening that said "I'm alive". Nothing else.
And today, on the last day I wanted to know how she was. But I knew better than to call.
 So I texted and told her she could call if she felt like it. 
And this is what came back. A post to my facebook wall.
"I'm posting this here because I know that my mom has kept people in the loop and those people may be curious. Please note, however, that we speak of these things here, and then we never speak of them again.

I have taken the bar exam. All three days. I have completed 18 hours of testing. We are taught to "be a sheep" because we don't want our answers to stand out. We are also taught that the exam is an endurance test. What we are not told is that the exam is so tiring *because* we are trying to be sheep. Have you ever spent an hour trying to determine how a sheep would answer a corporations question? I have.

I also wasn't warned that I would take a three day test in full allergy/asthma mode. I have a lovely hotel room with a very comfy bed. But I am allergic to down. There is down bedding everywhere. Not just the comforter, but all of the pillows. So I've "slept" without both and wheezed all night. For three nights.

So, that is the bar exam. An exam marked by sheep-like thoughts and duck-filled rooms.

I ask one thing. It's a big thing. PLEASE don't ask me how I did. I won't know until mid-May, and I'm not sure I want to know even then. Thanks!"
 I get it. It will be some time before her brain activates again.
I will talk to her tomorrow.

And I will watch her graduate from law school 26 years after she crossed the stage with me when I graduated. 
My pride runneth over.

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  1. w00t!!!

    :::snoopy dance:::

    That's absofrickinlutely amazing! Congrats to her for getting in the game, getting to bat, and hitting a home run.

    Congrats to Mom, too, 'cause she wouldn't have gotten there without you!