Friday, February 24, 2012

Almost, Almost Done

There is an adage that says to finish you must take the first step.

We did that.

We began with the painting project.

Painting. Easy.

Empty house. Real easy.

Until you realize that the walls haven't seen a coat of paint in YEARS. And everything needs two coats of primer and two to three coats of color.

First day of first step
Oh, and I like red.

Part of the kitchen
 Then, just when you think things are going well,,,,,,,

The roof leaks.

And you bought the house "as is".

New roof going on
OK. We can recover from this and still move in on the right date.


wood rot.

Side deck wood rot
Resulting in another project...

Ripping out for the rebuild

Rebuild started

But, slowly, with a new Home Depot card, it begins to take shape.

Today, the back deck was partially replaced and made liveable.

Goodbye to the spa hole (yes, a hole in the deck from a hottub)

And the master bedroom was finally painted.

And I learned something. As much as I am a Green Bay fan, I also love the 49ner's. I didn't know I loved them enough to use their colors throughout my house!

Did I say I like red??????

Soon. Oh, so soon, I can taste it. We will be living here.

There will still be projects but I can do them when I feel like it. (And when I can afford it!)

Soon. Oh, so soon, I can sit on my deck and watch my oak trees,

 and my fruit trees,

and the hummingbirds that can't be owned

Soon, oh, so soon.


  1. I freaking *love* red! I'd like to have a whole lot more through the house but I settled for the library. I love it as long as I don't look up and see where I brushed the paint roller on the white ceiling LOL

    You're tempting me to get a Home Depot card and finally do the kitchen and floors...

    1. The card has a HORRIBLE interest rate. I ended up using another card just to avoid the interest. But it was worth every penny!