Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Little Jazz; A Little Blues

If you asked me right now what kind of music Dan liked, I would have to say "Every kind".

Blue Melon Band in concert in Montana

He loved music and concerts. He would drive hundreds of miles to a concert.

Dan Trying his hand at a cello
When Smitty was here over Christmas, he regaled everyone with the story of the VW. It seems that Dan had a VW in Germany in 1970. And he and Smitty and Don Johnson went to Hamburg looking for a guy that was suppose to be playing there.

The musician was a jazz and blues man. With a little ol' fashion rock n' roll.

He was suppose to be very good.

After all, they had an album by the guy.

The musician wasn't there. Or at least they couldn't find him.

But they had a blast in the VW.

Today, in the mail at the new house, I got a package from Amazon.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out who would send a package to that new address. And I had no idea what Amazon would send.

It was a CD of the album that Dan and Smitty had listened to 4 decades ago. It was the music that sent them to Hamburg.

It was a little jazz and a little blues.

Thank you so much, Smitty.

I love you!

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