Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Roof Goes On!

Finally, some progress on the big fixes.

Singles. Finally. And no rain in the meantime.


And on the interior. COLOR!

I am, if you hadn't notice, not going to win the wallflower of the year award. That failure is nowhere else so obvious as in my choice of house colors.

The outside may be gray.

The inside is not.

Evidence #1
The walls are Vanilla Custard. The trim is Clare de Lune. The door is New Brick.

Subtle, right?


The accent wall in the office. Known as Caribbean Coral. Ceiling is Vanilla Custard. Trim WILL BE Clare de Lune.


Going into the first bathroom you would think it was just Vanilla Custard on the walls.

Now, I ask you, would I do THAT to someone in need of that room? Of course not......

Just a touch of New Brick. To keep your interest and wake you up. The ceiling will be White on White and the trim will be Clare de Lune.

To say that I am having fun is just out of the question.

My friend Kris is working her heart out to get all the colors in the right order in the right room. Of course, she has to make sure that I haven't changed my mind in the last three minutes.

She did insist that once the color was on the wall that I not change my mind. She was beginning to flash on that scene from "Sleepless in Seattle".

But it is getting there. Only two more rooms to begin painting and only two to finish.

And, on the outside--The Roof Goes ON!!!!1

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  1. Nice! I love a lot of color; it's a shame this house gets so little natural light inside, because it means light colors to compensate. Lots of yellow--except for my red library. Not giving that up!