Saturday, May 11, 2013

Slipping the Trolley Tracks

To say that we love our place in the middle of nowhere is an understatement.

There is wildlife everywhere.

We had a mother and four pups of the California Gray Fox variety in our backyard for two evenings.

Melvin regularly makes friends with the birds.

Zelda plays hide and seek with the gophers.

Flowers bloom in profusion.

But best of all, is the solitude and quiet.

You see we are on a small offshoot of a dirt road. The road goes on but to get to us you have to veer off. No one even sees the little offshoot. And, I must add that you have to go about a mile on the dirt road to get to our little offshoot. No one comes here.

It is a 20 minute drive to a town with a decent grocery. Our mail box is a mile away.

At night there is little, if any, ambient light and the stars are....well, they make you feel very, very small in the grand scheme of things.

So we tend to ponder things. The Spouse works in the yard.

Watering here and there. Checking the bird feeders and the bird baths.

I have to go to work and deal with insane people.

He stays here and ponders.

But I am beginning to worry about that.

After all, too much time to yourself can lead you to, well, live where you are pondering.

I think he has slipped the trolley tracks.......