Friday, October 9, 2015

Mr. Stick

We have a new member of our household.

Meet Mr. Stick.
Mr. Stick
Now, Mr. Stick doesn't appear to be very stylish or useful. Unless you are Marley.

Marley will chase Mr. Stick all over the house. Up the hall. Down the hall. Over the bed. Over the couch. Up the cat tree. Down the cat tree.

I have a great picture of Mr. Stick (and his handler) playing chase me in the hall but marital bliss forbids me from publishing said picture.

The problem has arisen that when "the handler" is outside, Mr. Stick goes into hiding and Marley misses him.

So when the front door opens Marley runs to the door to see if it is the handler. (Please note that when the handler is in the house and the front door opens, Marley could not care less....sigh....)
If the handler comes in Marley loudly informs the handler that Mr. Stick wants to come out of hiding.

IMMEDIATELY! NOW!! (I think that is what she's weird)

To alleviate the stress caused by a missing Mr. Stick, the handler has hung Ms. Rope on the cat tree for use in such emergency situations. Marley has not been impressed by this subterfuge.

If the handler brings out Mr. Stick for a sufficient amount of time, the handler and Marley curl up in front of the tv and watch golf. Marley sleeps. Mostly.

One thing is VERY clear.

Marley is Melvin's cat.