Saturday, January 17, 2015


I got a new loom.

It is beautiful.

But where I thought is would go wasn't going to work. Seems you have to put the threads on the loom in order to weave!


The call went out to the kids. They picked up my curved oak desk from the lonely storage place where it had been residing for a couple of years.

In pieces. And probably feeling like Puff when Jack Paper came no more....

They delivered it this morning so the rearranging had to start.

Two tables left for the used furniture heaven (Goodwill). LOTS of STUFF went to the shed. (More may have to go!)

I put together the desk (Yea! ME!) (ok, spouse had to show me the ins and outs of a ratchet.)

Then things had to move.

Cat trees--in the bedroom (where the freaked out cats had taken residence UNDER the bed)
Cat food table--in the hallway.
Yarn and sewing boxes---on the bed
Cat boxes--to the bathrooms (wish they really fit there....)

And the rest moved in a circle. Desk to the left, matching drawer sets, to the left, loom to the left. and left and left and left.

But some 4 hours later....
A workable work space. OK, its for net surfing and associated games and things. Note the cat trees in opposite corners. Territory maintained!

A workable weaving space. Easy to get to the parts that I need to get to.

And a WORKABLE cat space. (All of their accoutrements must be higher than dog. She likes cat food, too.)

I am thinking of putting up some shelving for the knickknacks that I had on the other furniture.

It is a work in progress but I least the cats aren't fighting......

Besides, I have to get to weaving!