Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How To Be A Gentleman (or The Beta Dog Comes Through)

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

This story begins with Miss Gracie playing under the bush (see exhibit A, above). She is playing very happily. Meanwhile, Mr. George, in Exhibit B, above, (yes, he looks like Grumpy Cat) is grumpy because little Miss Gracie has taken "THE STICK" and then went to play in the bushes.

A round of wrestling, mouth fighting, and "Ricky Racer" ensues shortly after Mr. George has thought through the problem and has determined his next tactical move.
This results in an occurrence of "Tired Puppy Syndrome"

But today something very odd occurred after the usual physical discussion. But I must back up a bit to provide the necessary clarity. Otherwise, dear reader and puppy lover, the significance will be lost. 

We have been trying desperately to explain the proper puppy use of the interior floor versus the exterior ground. The pups, although bright in learning "food", "puppy central" (where all treats are given) have had difficulty with the word "No" and the lessons regarding interior and exterior.
Being as both of us together have about 40 years of education and have participated in a rather intellectually demanding profession, we considered all of our options and determined that the use of a dog door would be advantages to the understanding of the concept we were trying to impart to the pups. 
The dog door already exited in our house. Zelda was a great fan. But it is in the laundry room which is beyond the boundaries of Puppy Land. (Pups are currently jailed in the living room/kitchen area.) So, additional barriers had to be constructed to prevent free reign of the house by leaking puppies.
Then we introduce the pups to the concept of door usage. Within 5 minutes Mr. George had it. But Miss Gracie was very reluctant. We finally decided to leave them outside and see if Miss Gracie could learn from her brother.
And this is where it got interesting.
George came in on his own. But Gracie was still outside, lying on the deck, looking at the door. She would not come near it. George, on his own, went back outside, went up to Gracie, turned around and came back through the door. Gracie came to the door but would not come through it. George came back to the door, pushed his nose through it, sat on the outside step with the swinging door resting on his back and made room for Gracie to go through. And she did.
George opened and held the door for Gracie!
Gracie may be the Alpha dog but George is in charge of the door!