Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just a Normal Day

The blog has been a bit neglected. I have been working and just didn't have the will (or the thoughts) to put down on virtual paper.

But today is Saturday and I am taking the day off. Not that it really changes things.

You see, I had two cases set to go to trial (like with a jury and all the trimmings) on this coming Monday. That means that a readiness hearing is held the week before to make sure that all is well and the case will go to trial as scheduled. The court needs to know how to schedule and jury services needs to know how many people to call. The court reporter has to be available and bailiffs have to be there to cover the in custody defendant.

The "hearing" is usually in chambers with the judge and goes something like this:

Judge: "Is everyone ready? Good, let's confirm this on the record"

Everyone else: "Thank you, your Honor."

Except that mine never go that way. There is usually some glitch. A witness is unavailable. There aren't enough jurors in the pool. Another trial has priority. Something.

But usually it is worked out and the trial goes forward.


This week was not even close to usual.

Two trials. I have been preparing for both. That requires my brain to be actively thinking about the case almost all the time.

Doing dishes. I am thinking about it. Going over possible scenarios and possible outcomes for witnesses, rulings, etc.

My brain doesn't stop.

And that means little sleep.

And that means I am GRUMPY!

So when I get 1000 pages of NEW discovery (that police reports, expert reports, forensic testing, etc.) ten days before trial (on a case that is 2 years old!) , I go beserk.


I file papers with the court and I am not kind.

So the readiness hearing goes something like this:

Judge: I have read the motion filed by defense and I must say I am not happy. I have no choice but to grant the motion to continue. I will put my displeasure on the record."

Out we go to the courtroom where the judge lambasts the prosecution and puts off the trial for 3 months.

I get to do this all over again. Great......

Then, in the next courtroom on the same day. The other case that has been occupying my brain is dismissed for lack of evidence.

Not that I am upset about a dismissal. I just like to go to trial on cases the prosecution can't prove. I like winning.

But I am upset that I haven't slept well in weeks over cases that the prosecution KNEW weren't going.

Sometimes the chess game pisses me off.

Just a normal day......

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