Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stressful Serenity

The house is not done yet. It is a work in progress.

I must say that I could do without unexpected hindrance to that progress.

Like a completely rotted out section of the deck where the dog fence has to go.

We have the posts set in cement. The no-climb wire is ready. But we needed to attach it to the house first so the dogs (especially Ms. Zelda-the Houdini dog) could not find exit points UNDER the house.

Ms. Zelda

And when we take off the fascia boards what to we find? Untreated Douglas fir that is in full dry rot. ==sigh==

None of the wood was reusable.

Except as firewood.

This required ANOTHER trip to Home Depot.

We are now hitting the sounds, flavor and feel of THE MONEY PIT.

To say that I am upset by this latest turn of events, would be an understatement.

So I head to the front porch to sit and contemplate my fate.

And I am witness to a brutal battle. BRUTAL, I tell you.

Much screaming and screeching and, well, you know....

When hummingbirds get protective of their nectar, they get protective of their nectar!

Flying at speeds that the US Air Force would envy, about six of these critters swarmed around my front yard, knocked me back an inch or two as they strafed my position, hid in the trees and otherwise had an all out war.

They would all stop occasionally to have a drink from the flowers on the manzanita or the  local bar.

Local hummingbird bar
And as I watched (and avoided) I saw some amazing things.

 Just standing there. Not 100 yards from me.

An oak tree coming into bud.

Fresh deer tracks.

And I remembered this view from the day before--

And I thought to myself-----

Why are you stressing out about the place that gives so much serenity?  Take a look around. Just look and listen and BREATHE.

Yeah, I am losing sleep over this place right now. But when we get here, when it is a livable place, it will give such peace to anyone and everyone that comes to our home.

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  1. Darkest before the dawn, that kinda thing...I'm not feeling too wise this morning ;) Mostly my brain tacked onto the hummingbirds and now I want to see a bunch of them zipping around. All I get here are pushy bluejays that are apparently offended that we have to walk by their tree on our way from the car to the front door...