Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Weeks Adventure

I am not a fan of hospitals.

I generally like the people that work in them but the place itself gives me, well.....pause.

I have sat by too many beds with very, very ill people in them.

I have sat vigil too many times.

I have been in them too. I have been left in hallways and forgotten for tests that have been ordered.

I have been through some of the horror stories.

But Monday there was no getting around it.

I had a belly ache on the scale of "I am going to double over and cry". And since I was in the car with my daughter....there was no getting around it.

To the emergency room. Expecting the worse.

But in less that 30 minutes I am checked in an on a gurney and seen by the charge nurse.

Within 10 minutes in walks the doctor.

Since when did they get so young and handsome?? Ah, to be 20 (ok, 30) years younger....

But I digress....

It is as I suspect, a pancreatic attack. My pancreas is trying to eat itself. Or at least it is inflamed.

So off to the CT I go. And within an hour I am admitted and in a bed and morphine is dripping into my veins.

Now that may sound like a good solution to my pain BUT almost any narcotic pain reliever gives me a class A, number 1 migraine.

They know this but the priority is my pancreas.

They note a little high blood pressure and write it off to pain and "white coat syndrome". I'll buy that.

But on the end of the second day, my bp goes through the roof. I spring a horrendous headache and I am NOT on any narcotic.


So I am on beta blockers and soft food for awhile.

But I get to come home!!!

And this is waiting for me:

The front yard
And in the half barrel in the background is this:
White Iris
I think my blood pressure went down 20 points.

I am home.......


  1. I hope you're resting at home and not trying to work!

    I hate being in the hospital, even though the Spouse Thingy works in one. The beds are hard, it's noisy and they freaking wake you up to give you sleeping meds...


    1. I am resting. One of the new meds makes me tired. Not sleepy just tired. "They" say I will get use to it!