Saturday, July 7, 2012


These last three weeks have been a bit hairy. (not as hairy as some of my online friends are having! Hang in there THUMPER!)

But it was hairy enough.

I was in a murder trial and working each night until late so that I could be prepared the next day. Now I do get a bit uptight when I am in trial. (The Kid tends to wear emotional armor when trial comes around.) I am very focused on what has to be done for my client. I forget to eat, drink water and otherwise take care of my physical plant.

So when I get cranky no one really notices. But, at the end of the day, I do know that I need some emotional recharging.

Now my spouse knows the signs and symptoms of trial. And he does his best to avoid direct incoming fire. He even finds ways to defuse the time bomb walking up the steps to the house.

This is his latest foray into horticulture and he knew I would love it.

The Man's Sunflowers

Now you will note that there are a few "holes" in the rows. Mr. Gopher made a few meals off of the sprouts. We even watched one disappear one evening.

But I get to see these bright, happy flowers when I come home from a very stressful (and factually ugly) case.

I stop and notice the life-cycle.

Seems that there is some rule that says one bee to a flower. But I watch for several minutes as the bee fills its pollen sacs and then heads for home.

That's when I head to the door.

And I am home.

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