Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seriously Hot!

The thermometer outside (in the shade) reads 111 degrees Fahrenheit.

It doesn't feel that hot until you get in the sun because of the constant breeze that we are lucky enough to get. But stay on the porch long enough (10 seconds will do) and you begin to say that the thermometer is probably right.

The neat thing (I was gonna say "cool" but then opted out of the pun!) is that the interior of our house is only 86 degrees. Thank you, previous owners, for the whole house fan in the attic. So with a couple of floor fans we are just fine.

The dogs sleep and wait for their potty breaks until it cools off.

And it always cools off here. (see where the pun would have worked?) There is always an evening breeze that comes off the ocean and climbs the mountain.

And about this time of night the deer start their forays into the rosemary and roses.

It is just (here it comes...) cool!

(Couldn't help myself)

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  1. Hot here, too...not looking forward to this weekend, when it's supposed to get even worse...