Sunday, September 22, 2013


Melodie got married today. And it was the most un-traditional, wacky, fun wedding I have ever attended. And I was sober!

It was on the outdoor patio of a restaurant in Cambria. The temperature was suppose to be a bit nippy at 65 degrees. The forecast forgot to mention one small item-----


Outdoor wedding. Hmmmm.

But we got lucky. Ninety-five percent of the patio was covered.

So at 10 am we began our work.

My friend Kathy cut ribbon. By the way, Kathy hates to have her picture taken so I had to take this one and post it because....well, because.....

Note the material on the back of the chairs. They turned into this.

What is it? Green (or cream) tea towels with white, green and gold ribbons and a stem of budded eucalyptus!

And on the tables? You might ask.... Well, a great idea.....

An assortment of tin cans with various cut flowers and CHOCOLATE CHEWS!

I really don't know which one I liked best. But each table was different and stunning.

And the whole thing turned out like this:

And then the fun started..
JR in his kilt

People started showing up. The bar opened. The appetizers appeared. And everyone boggled at the men's attire.

There is a story there. You see, Melodie wanted her dear friend Patrick as her witness. That made him the Maid of Honor. Since, according to tradition, the maid of honor must wear a dress, the entire male portion of the wedding party decided to wear the next best thing--kilts! 
Justin, JR. Keliki, and Patrick
Now Melodie's friend Keliki performed the ceremony after filling out the right forms with the County of San Luis Obispo. She had never done this before so she had a bit of studying to do.
Concentration aided by wine
But the best part was when dear JR, in response to the "do you" question, answered (almost with a straight face) "IF I HAVE TO MUST".

The entire place erupted in laughter and my Melvin was heard by all when he (rather loudly) labeled the answer  "Rookie Mistake!!"

They finally got married.

And the people stuck around. Eating, drinking, talking, laughing. But the best part for me was that all of Melodie's family was there.

Manuel (her Dad), Michelle (step-mom) JR, Melodie, me, and Melvin.
Her Uncle Ernie was there. Her nephew Ethan was there. Her cousin Ryan was there.

Oh, and, as you can see, the rain stopped.

Cuz, well, IT HAD TO MUST!