Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime- Day 1

It began with a bus trip. Relaxed but very excited. I have promised to keep the identity of this person a secret. (yeah, right, John!) Our destination was LAX and a flight to London, England and then on to Toulouse, France. We left SLO at 1PM on July 12, 2014. Our destination would be reached at 11:30 PM the next day (with a difference of 9 hours!)

But first you must always wait.
Our fearless leader, Gary Lamprecht

And then we got a look at the aircraft. Holy whatever!!!! Please note the scale of the next picture and ask yourself the question I asked.....How does that thing FLY?
British Airways Airbus 380 (I think)

I never took a picture inside this behemoth because, well, we were in the sardine section at the back of the plane. Getting up required certain gymnastic skills. I slept very little on this flight. Excitement, adrenaline or maybe all the coffee I drank while waiting......Ya think???

Gotta tell you that airplane food on British Airways is pretty good. As a vegetarian I got my food first. Couscous and eggplant, peaches in cherry sauce, fresh apples, and other goodies. 

A four hour layover at London's Heathrow Airport resulted in more food, a chance to talk to everyone and a little window shopping.

Then two hours after we boarded the plane to Toulouse, France, we were there. I was lucky to have a window seat and watched the fireworks from towns and villages celebrating Bastille Day. Really beautiful.

Our hotel was almost ready for us. A bunch of tired, excited Americans who were met my members of our choir who had arrived before us. The wine began to flow. Our next day would begin with a bus ride to St. Affrique. I think we all headed for bed and a little, well earned, nap.
Waiting for our room assignments

Mercure Hotel in Toulouse
Just for continuity I should mention that Melodie was "in charge" of wrangling. Her duties included making sure all parties had the necessary information to get from point A to point B. She deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor. At LAX it quickly became evident that even with proper instruction.....well, let's just say some of our people could be easily distracted.........

Day 2 to come soon.

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