Monday, November 9, 2015


Bitterroot Valley, Montana
I have been re-reading (for the umpteenth time) The Hunt for Red October. Love that book. Love the movie (Sean Connery is a handsome devil). And I always think of Montana. (the one officer dies saying "I would have loved to have seen Montana.")

But thinking of Montana now brings up memories of Daniel. And a lot of sadness. And a lot of joy.

Fond memories of motorcycle rides.

And festivals.

And horses.

And Daniel.

But last night, I went to see my daughter sing in the women's chorus called Canzona.

They sing a lot of new age music that is really interesting and beautiful. And the next to last song was called. "Big Sky".

Like I wouldn't know what that was about......

But the lyrics ( a poem by Charles Silvertri) and the composition by Ola Gjeilo (from Sweden) put Daniel in the empty chair next to me.

"Golden sunlight gleams off the
Rugged peaks soar up into
Big sky spreads out like a
Blue embrace of you.

Splashing streams tumble into
Rushing river cuts through
Pine tree valley full of
Green memories of you.

Every time I see that big sky I
Think of you and wonder why?
I can almost feel you right here with me.

Eagles soar high above the
Misty pine tops that grow,Roots go deep in the big earth
Deep as my love for you."
Charles Silvertri


I will always miss him.

But I did get to see (and feel) Montana. From the back of a motorcycle.

Thank you, Canzona.

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