Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fogged Up

Been sitting at home. Came home early today. There are files stacked on files at work.

I am carrying a workload of several heavy cases. Lots of discovery--1000 to 2000 pages each. Some in Spanish, most in legalize. Some are murder cases. Some are robberies.

These are my meat and potatoes. I love them. Usually.

I have lots to do. And I usually enjoy doing it. But I didn't do it today.

I came home.

I guess every once in awhile there is a brain freeze not caused by ice cream or frozen yogurt or even a margarita.

That is where I am at.

Our server at home died and I lost most of my pictures. I think I am in mourning.

Or maybe I am just trying to avoid reading over 5 thousand pages of gibberish.

Hmmmm...........Ya think?

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