Friday, June 24, 2011

Somethin' About Singin'

It was probably the best "Wade in the Water" we ever did.

Bar none.

Don't know if we hit all the notes. Don't know if we made all the entrances or cutoffs.

But it felt like it.

And it was FUN.

The Vocal Arts Ensemble was singing at the opening concert of the California International Choral Festival that we sponsor. It is a ton of work.

And there were huge problems getting international choirs here this year. The good ol' USA doesn't like to just give away visas to choirs for the Congo or Indonesia. They want money and lots of paper and then, maybe, they just might think about getting around to looking into a visa.

So the Festival is a little smaller. But no less exciting. Especially when we got up to sing to the choirs that could make it.

We did a rendition of "Amazing Grace" that goes from a slow oboe solo to hot piano jazz piece. It starts as a women's piece and ends with the tenors going nuts. It is a fabulous arrangement and we nailed it.

We had the most fun singing as a group, in concert, at home, that I can remember.

I wish I had film. But that would have diminished the feeling.

Singing to other singers. And doing it well. There isn't anything more fun than that for a singer.

And I am a singer.

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