Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Now we have five animals that have adopted us.

Three cocker spaniels. Mohawk, Ladybug, and Zelda.

Ladybug, Zelda and Mohawk
And two cats.


And Putter

Up until about a year ago we had another cat. Lady Tiara Rex (TeesaButts)

To keep peace, we gated off the house.

Dogs got the kitchen and tv rooms.

Cats got the bedrooms and living room.

But humans getting from one area of the house to another met an obstacle course  which required the opening and closing of gates along the route. Getting laundry from the bedroom to the badly placed laundry room was a true act of athleticism. I got very good at the one handed balance and toss. 

So, new house. Smaller house.

Cats only get one room.

They are not happy after the first two days.

They have 4 climbing trees, lots of food and water, hidy-holes to disappear into and a window with a screen and real sunlight.

But they were unhappy.

The dogs were equally unhappy.

My computer and desk were in with the cats.

And the dogs wanted visitation. With me. Not the cats.

So, the gate came down and we prepared for Armageddon.

At the very least we expected howls and screeches from the cats and barking and whining from the canine camp. 

It didn't happen.

Ladybug sniffed around. Mohawk stuck his nose up to try and figure how food smells could come from on top of a table. And Zelda tried licking the floor.

Ladybug examining the cat tree hole

 The cats never moved.

Putter stared.

Putter during dog invasion
And Diamond watched from her stealth position.

Stealth cat
Now you will note in Putter's picture there are litter boxes on a table. This is to prevent dog snacking.

It ruins their appetites and mine.

In Diamond's picture, you will note the presence of food bowls. This was the source that Mohawk could not find.

Clever mommy, wouldn't you say?

To date there have been no skirmishes. No loud noises. No flying fur.

But the cats refuse to come out of the room until the dogs are safely tucked away for the night.

That will change, I am sure.

It wasn't East v. West but it sure was close.


  1. so glad they will all get along soon! They will be sleeping together in the near future!

    1. Not room enough on the bed! We would have to sleep outside and it gets cold up here!

  2. Six months from now each cat will have picked a dog as Best Friend...and then you'll need another cat. :)

    1. Sure would like another Cornish rex. The most affectionate cat in the world. I miss my TeezaButts!