Monday, March 3, 2014

She Is Up and Running

She hasn't had a haircut in a while. She hasn't had a bath.

But she had another cone.

In the middle of all the Cushing's Disease stuff the vet noticed a wart on her eye. And it was infected.


She had conjunctivitis. (Yeah, she showed Bob Costas how to do it!)

Best solution? A bit of eye surgery (and a teeth cleaning).

Since they used the thinnest of sutures, she could NOT rub or scratch or touch her eye.

Thus, for ten days she had "THE CONE".

(He also took off a wart on her cheek cuz she looked prettier without it!)

But after the 10 days?

We had a new dog.

No more lying around ALL day. No more hanging her head. No more lethargy.


 She is chasing squirrels and feral cats and rabbits.

She is charging out the door ready to do battle.

She is trying to sneak down the road or back up the mountain. 

She is still deaf (or her not listening skills are better than the spouse's).

But she sees better. 

Cushing's be damned.

She is up and she is running. Everywhere.

Thanks, doc!


  1. Amazing how much chronic discomfort weighs us down, animals included. I'm sure with her eye & oral tune-up she feels like a new creation. :)