Saturday, December 28, 2013

My How Things Have Changed!

Melvin before and after!
About 22 1/2 years ago we went on our  very first cruise. It was a short cruise from LA to Ensenada and back. A short stop at Catalina Island and a day at sea for gambling purposes.

We had just taken a trip to Las Vegas (my first) where I talked Mel into getting a permanent in his hair.

So on the cruise we looked like matching mushrooms!

When we moved to the hinterlands of SLO county Melvin vowed to let both his beard and his hair grow.

Tonight at that lovely dinner we noticed that he had the longest hair in the place.

Not just male hair.


I swear it has grown two inches in the last week.

SO I took a picture of him.

You will note the picture on the wall of the matching mushrooms.

Things have changed a little in the last 23 years.

I, for one, really like it!

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