Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring in the Middle of Nowhere

I have been making a big deal about the fact that we live in the middle of nowhere. Thirty to forty minutes from the nearest small city. In high desert country that ranges in temperature from 11 degrees on the coldest winter day to one hundred eleven degrees on the hottest summer day.

It clearly is not for most people. But for is paradise.

We get all four seasons without the mind bending snow and ice of the northern states. We get sun nearly every day. And even when it is scorching during the day, we sit out on our porch in summer evenings and enjoy a cool evening with a marine breeze.

The only problem is growing the things that I like to have in my yard with such extreme temperatures.

The blue spruce pine couldn't handle it. The lavender didn't like it. We lost quite a few cactus in the cold of winter. 

But once we realized that everything has a season and you don't force the issue, we began growing some amazing things.

So this spring the spouse (better known as "The Alleged Mel") 

The Alleged Mel

began planting things for spring and into summer. So here is what our place looks like right now.

Some of the plants were here when we got here. Some we planted last year and thought they hadn't made it through the winter. Some are new from the nursery at Miner's. 

Everyone of them is a joy to see.

The iris were there when we moved in but had never bloomed. The California poppies started as two or three wild plants. They are now taking over the front yard. 

First bract on our two year old lilac

Ice plant guarded by Sparky

Native California Rose 

Lilac that came with the house


Sexy Rexy Rose getting ready to burst into bloom
Getting things to grow in the desert takes patience and time. We have to watch our water use very closely (there is a drought and we are on a private well...) But we are doing it.

But the best part of being where we are?

The oaks.

Huge and old they are home to the squirrels and the birds that are the real inhabitants of this corner of the world. 

I think I like the middle of nowhere. Especially in spring.

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