Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pretty as a Picture

This morning seemed like a good time to check on the water tank. 

It hadn't gotten hot yet and Zelda wanted to walk.

So, up we went.

Today, unlike most days climbing our little mountain, the landscape was awash in color. Lots of color. 

Which, of course, meant I had to take pictures.

Wild flowers at the bottom of the hill
 Going up doesn't look as steep as it feels! (And those are poppies and little white snow flowers!)

Young California Poppies
 And we tread lightly to avoid the poppies.

Zelda sniffing snow flowers
I have to walk behind Zelda to keep her going. Otherwise, her nose will lead her to lots of strange places.

View to the  East from the top of the "mountain"
 This is my favorite view. The antenna for our internet and phone is up here. Best place for the solar power and the microwave connections! And the wind doth blow up here!

The water tank and the house from the top of the "mountain"
I like this one, too. It's a long way down!

On the way back
 Going down is very slow. The ground is very sandy and loose. The rivulets are from the last rain storm.
"fish rock" at the side of the trail
 We have several granite out-croppings. This one just looks like a giant fish head to me.

Close up of the thistle
We do not know the name of this plant. It is gorgeous! If anyone knows what it is, let me know. 

And that is your tour for today.

Please enjoy the rough, dusty dirt road on your way out!

What a beautiful day.  

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