Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Little Story

About two weeks ago we saw a large (very large, if you must know) pile of wood chips by the side of the road we use get to civilization.

The following day the pile had a sign that said, "FREE WOOD CHIPS".

They didn't have to ask us twice.

Spouse quickly discovered the true usefulness of the American pitchfork. Couple that tool with a pickup truck and we had wood chips.

Lots of wood chips.

Just an idea of how much Spouse brought home....

The pile AFTER the front yard was covered in 3 inches of the stuff. 

The advantages of this golden find are many. Among the biggest? NO DUST.

In a drought, with only a personal well, water can't be used for large amounts of grass. We still are nursing along the baby lilac bush, a pine tree and a rose or two but everything else just has to wait. Thus dust is a major problem.
Another advantage? Spouse got some good exercise and managed not to injure his back toooo much. (Next day walking was an adventure.)

The disadvantages of free wood chips?

1) Spouse got a lot of exercise and could hardly move the next day or two, AND

2) Spouse has a nice case of poison oak.

Can I buy stock in calamine lotion?

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