Sunday, August 24, 2014


A few weeks ago I noticed that Diamond's left front paw looked funny. She wasn't limping or favoring it in any way so I let it go.

Then about a week ago I noticed that as she sat waiting for her dinner, she lifted that paw. And just held it in the air. 

I checked it for boo-boo's and found none. I figured she had hurt it in jumping or scratching on the cat tree. (one of her favorite past times!)

I kept watch.

She kept lifting the paw and she was slower jumping down.

Then she decided to stay in her bed and ignored the opening of the cat food can.


So off to the vet we go. 

Diamond is NOT happy about this turn of events. It is almost 30 minutes to the vet. And I was loudly scolded the whole way.

Until we get to the vet. 


Anyway, blood tests, s-rays and urine sample later, all her organs are functioning just fine.

There is a spot on her "ankle" that might be arthritis or it might be something else. 

Since we are at the "no extraordinary measures" stage of her life, she and I went home with some pain medication to "make her comfortable". 

I have been depressed about the whole thing for several days. 

I have had to fight with her to give her the meds. Mind you, they are suppose to be given sub-lingual (under the tongue). 

Ever tried to get a cat to open their mouth and lift their tongue? It is not exactly possible. 

It took me about three days to create a detente with her so that I could at least get her to not try and scratch my eyes out! But she was getting some in the mean time. 

She stayed in her cat tree bed and got up for food but nothing else. She didn't leave the room to come to our bed at night. She just stayed in the tree and stared at the wall.

Today, she "let" me get the entire dose in her mouth. 

And this is what happened:


As I write this she is staring at the string toy that Spouse made.

She is a happy kitty again!

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