Monday, July 4, 2011

One of dem Days

Ever had one of dem days?

I had planned to get up at a really decent hour and go get the toner for my printer. I ran out last night and I gotta get a lot of printing done on a case for work.

Is 10:45 a decent hour?

Not when the dogs and cats still need to be fed, clients have to be seen at the jail (I'll get to that story in a sec), the printing has to get done AND I have to get to Santa Barbara to interview more clients before tomorrow's parole hearings.

So I have a few things to do. And I overslept.

Then the OfficeMax was out of the toner that I needed.

So I headed to the office with the extra three reams of paper, 4 binders (4 inchers), 19 CD's of discovery, the heavy duty three hole punch, and files.

I thought the car was going to groan.

But the office printer looked at the 2,000 pages and went "Yeah, I can do this!"

But the use of office equipment is strictly forbidden to me. For a reason. I can break almost anything mechanical.
Or at least confuse it.

And confuse it I did.

Did you know that you cannot send more than 2 pdf files to a printer at a time? It will shut down.

Did you know that you must have paper in the paper tray for the printing to get done?

Did you know that ......well, you get the picture...or the copy...(hehe)

I got about 600 pages done, punched and put into order in the first two binders. I was sooooo proud of myself. But there was a lot more to do.

And then I looked at the clock. The main jail shuts down for professional visits at 4pm. and it was 3:30.

These are local clients that I had promised to come out and see. I can't take their phone calls because they are recorded (attorney-client privilege )


So, I cram everything back into the car and head home to pack.

And I drove to Santa Barbara. I had to get there after shift change and before the staff began count in order to interview parolees.

I pull in just at the right time. Something is going right!!!!!


Someone on the inside decided to celebrate the 4th by serving up knuckle sandwiches. Someone took offense and everyone was sent to their rooms.


No one in and no own out.  And that goes double for attorneys.

So no interviews. 

I really did try to get something done today.

Instead I sit in my hotel room tell all of you about a day when nothing got done.

One of dem days.

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