Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walkin' n' Talkin' 2

This morning, in the cool morning fog, Jed and I went walking on the Bob Jones trail. It's a paved walking/biking trail from Highway 101 to Avila Beach. It is really beautiful.

It took San Luis County and lots of volunteers to get it done and it was done in pieces but I had never been on it.

I just never took the time.

So Jed came this morning and picked me up and we walked the trail. 2.1 miles one way.

Now I have a cyber-friend that is training for the Susan B. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in San Francisco (and Atlanta). She talks about doing 15 miles of walking in one day. So I figure I can do a measly 2.1 miles (one-way) easy!

Well, it was a lot of fun and it was relatively easy. And it was beautiful.

Sycamore tree on Bob Jones Trail
And as far as easy.........

Rollerblading mother with TWO children on Bob Jones Trail
If she can do it rollerblading and pushing a stroller, I can walk for a little of two miles. (one-way)

So, Jed, concerned for my cardio health starts off at a rather good, well, my mother would have called it a nurse's pace. We could still talk to each other (and we did a lot of that) but I was noticing that I had a caboose.

We begin to slow at about 2 miles as we come to the golf course and I am trying to explain to him the difference between the blue, white, yellow and red tees. (Jed doesn't do golf. Sad)

We stop at the coffee house in Avila and walk to the end of the pier and look for seals. We only see the human kind who are swimming out to the end of the pier. In the Pacific. Which is cold. I don't understand.

I notice that I have a covering of , well, sweat, on my body. But the air temperature is quite cool. I am reminded of living in North Dakota and shoveling snow in 20 below weather. Don't overheat......HMMMM...

So we drink our coffee and talk at the end of the pier.

Then we walk 2.1 miles back. All the way. Back. A bit slower.

I notice at this point that the top of my ankle is uncomfortable and I am pushing off on my big toe not all my toes. HMMM.... 2.1 miles. Not 15. Not even 5.

I am a wimp. I am also out of shape.

So I stop and take a picture of a blue heron nest in a sycamore tree.

Heron nest left center at the top (squint a bit)
We watched them feed their young for awhile. Not long. And we kept walking. And we kept talking.

My ankle is now resting with ice. It will be fine.

My relationship with Jed is blooming.

I wouldn't have traded that walk for all the tea in China.

It was healthy, beautiful, and fulfilling.

Thank you, Jed. See you next Saturday!

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  1. My first training walk last year was 3 miles. And while I finished it just fine, I was kinda surprised I didn't die. I think the next day was 5 miles, I wound up doing six, and felt like I was going to croak right there on North Lincoln St.

    It gets I did 8.5 and it was a "short" one. Keep walking that trail and it'll be nothing pretty soon.

    Well, nothing distance-wise. I would love to have that trail to walk here. I wonder if there's something like it I just don't know about...

    Well, I do have that spiffy bike path that runs along I-80 ;)