Sunday, October 2, 2011

Caffine and me

I love coffee. It is a beverage that I was raised on. My father gave me my first taste when I was a toddler. He called it sucabee. It was a sugar cube soaked with coffee.

And I was off and running.

Coffee was a way of life at our house. It was the first thing on the stove in the morning and the last thing off the stove at night. When percolators came out, it was plugged in by the first person in the kitchen in the morning. Usually mother.

Dad always unplugged it at night. But only after he had his afterdinner cup and his beforebed cup. And don't forget the watching tv cup.

I really got into coffee in college. Trying to stay awake to study and (to be honest) I thought it was VERY grown up.

Well, now I am grown up and I still wake up with coffee.

When I went to Italy, I got a chance to drink European espresso. (It is NOT EXpresso, it is ESpresso!) So black and thick you might think it was liquid tar. But it was not bitter, just strong. And flavorful.  When I got back to the States, I couldn't drink the coffee here. It was WAY too weak.

So I got an espresso machine. And went crazy.

I have backed off since then. I really can drink American coffee now. It is much stronger than it used to be.

But, I can't sleep if I drink the fulled leaded coffee at night.

So I switched to unleaded at night. (Decaffinated....)

Except last night I put the wrong coffee in the coffee machine.

So I am writing about coffee at 3am.

Just in time for a fresh cup. In about 2 hours.

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  1. Mountain Dew is apparently my loaded caffeinated drink. If I have any after 1 pm, I'll be awake until 4-5 the next morning. Which sucks, because I really do like diet Mtn Dew...

    Never did learn to like dad drank it but I didn't really try it until I was an adult, and it just tasted wrong...