Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Vocal Arts at the San Luis Obispo Mission
Last night was rehearsal for the Vocal Arts Ensemble. Every Tuesday night from 7 to 9:30. We go to practice our music.

But we also go to meet our friends.

It is a bit of a raucous group. We tend to turn into the kids in choir class at high school. Talkin' when we should be listening, laughing at inside jokes, etc. You know the routine.

But VAE is special. Maybe because there is a core group that has been there for over 30 years. Maybe because we all like the music we make. Maybe because you make friends there who are very, very special.

Last night I notice a friend of mine sitting alone during the break. Her head was down and her shoulders slumped.

I went over, sat down next to her, and asked if she was ok.

I got the biggest hug. And we started talking. She had troubles and she told me a little about them. Very quickly and with that laugh that comes with sharing something negative that you don't want others to feel like your a wimp.

You know that laugh?

And so I hugged her again. And she asked me how I was. She knows how hard it has been for me since Dan died.

And she began to comfort me!

She reminded me that when things get tough you remind yourself of all that is good in the world. You keep your chin up and your eyes open.

I was in awe of her ability to reach inside herself and find that kernal of warm, fresh life and take it for a spin.

She raised her head and laughed.

We had so much to say to each other. But rehearsal started again.

I will go back next week and continue the conversation.

It is the music and the music of friendship that makes VAE special.

Thank you, my friend.

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