Thursday, November 17, 2011

Walkin' the Dog(s)

Dogs, according to the "experts" need to be walked. Daily. That is, of course, if they are "indoor" dogs.

Our three are not just indoor dogs. They are lap dogs. Rarely moving off the lap/couch/bed except to eat and bark at the cats.

This is excusable for Mohawk and LadyBug. They are the equivalent of 105 in human years.

Zelda, on the other hand, is the equivalent of 40 years younger. She loves to escape the fenced yard and take neighborhood excursions.

And she use to be very good on the leash. Notice the past tense.

She doesn't like to walk much now. Not on a leash. She would prefer to just stop and sit so the walker will take her home.

Unless she is with the other dogs. Then she has to be Miss Exercise.

So, a few weeks ago, we instituted DOG WALKING.

Every morning, before they eat, I take Mohawk and LadyBug out to do their business. We usually don't have to go far before I bring out the little doggie bags.

In the afternoon, Mel takes them each individually for as long a walk as they want. LadyBug is the shortest because her recent strokes have made her a little tired. Mohawk will go for quite a bit if it is at a slower pace. He likes to sniff and pee a lot.

But Zelda wouldn't go to far until Mel found the secret!

There is a wooded area below our house that has a nice trail in it. It runs the whole block and is next to a little creek. And Zelda loves it. No stopping. No sitting. Just sniffing and trotting.

My guess is that she took her excursions there and considers it hers.

So today, when I came home early, we took LadyBug and Zelda to the woods.

Zelda on her walk
I must say, I love the area myself. It has great oak and eucalyptus trees. It is cool and unpopulated.

The Oak Forest
But I really love the old, big trees.

Old Eucalyptus
As my brother would say, its the paws that refreshes!

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