Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wastin' Time

Anyone who knows me knows that I work. Alot.

During the week, there is not much sleep in my routine. That time is used to stew about what I need to do, what I haven't done, and what I might have forgotten to do but, for the life of me, can't remember if I have done it.

So I am on the computer, talking to my computer at work to make sure that all is right with the world.

By the end of the week, I am a bit tired.

So I try to sleep in.

There is one difficulty (well, three, to be exact). They are Mohawk, LadyBug and Zelda. Breakfast is due at 6am and Mohawk has mastered the art of whining. LadyBug is the master licker. Zelda is the jumper and her aim at my midsection is amazing.

There is one blessing. A spouse who gets up BEFORE the whining, licking and pouncing occur and feeds the "children". He then gently replaces them on the bed so that they can snooze away the morning with me. And they do.

Yesterday, spouse woke me up at noon. He was afraid I wouldn't sleep the next night. He needn't have worried. I was back in bed at 8:30 with my blanket of dogs.

I took full advantage of the extra hour our politicians gave us.

But in the 8 or so hours that I was functional, I indulged in my current hobby. It is a hobby that comes and goes depending on my mood, my work load and my need to concentrate on something other than work. The latter happens alot.

It is jigsaw puzzles.

I don't go in for the huge ones. They are too complicated and I don't have the space.

I want something that is slightly challenging but not impossible. The last time I exercised my brain in this hobby my daughter's step-mom (who is a good friend of mine) sent me one of those puzzles with the same picture on the front and back. They are turned at 90 degrees from each other. AND it had lots of stripes! We sent it back and forth to each other for Christmas and birthdays until the box disintegrated! No one opened it!

Anyway, this one took a lot of weekends. It may look easy but it had me stumped at the end. Blue is blue is blue. Unless there is a bit of white in it. And white is white is white unless there is a little blue in it.

But I persevered. And here it is:

Don't worry, I am starting a new one as soon as I am off the computer. Have to check on my schedule for tomorrow!!!!

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  1. ... you will waste many hours there, and your brain will melt...