Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Rememberance

Her name was Lady Tiara Rex. She was a registered Cornish Rex cat.

We got her as a kitten. Very tiny. In every way.

Delicate bones. Pointed ears that were too big for her head. And no fur. Just an undercoat that waved in cornrows.

Within a week, we thought we were going to lose her. She had a violently high temperature and the vet did an emergency hysterectomy. She had a massive uterine infection.

She was forever shy and she never grew her coat back. She looked like a Rex but her hair was very, very thin.

As a result, she cuddled. She cuddled under blankets or under sweatshirts. We bought her a cat heating pad but she wouldn't get off of it even when it burned her. (It got thrown as far as it would go in the landfill---don't you hurt my TeezzaButts)

Yes, that was the name she answered to: TeezzaButts. And she would answer. She came running if you called her name. She was always looking for a warm spot.

So when we moved to Nipomo, we made sure there was sun in the "cat room". She and her adopted sisters, Diamond and Putter, loved it. And they always let the Lady have the cushy spot in the sun. (Well, there was a bit of a discussion.)

TeezaButts in the sun.

She crossed the Rainbow bridge two years ago. At the age of 19.

She crossed in her sleep, in our bed, snuggled up.

I miss her.

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  1. Nineteen, wow...I've never had a pet live that long. Thirteen seems to be "the age" with all the cats and the dog I've been owned by...which bothers me seeing how Max is 10. I'm hoping he breaks the streak.

    But I still miss all of them, and still sometimes startle awake thinking Dusty (cat who cam before Max) is jumping on the bed...and nothing is there. It's freaky and comforting, all in one.