Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bill's Birthday

OK, both Bill and I were Christmas babies.

But he got the good side of Christmas.

Christmas Eve always has been and always will be BILL'S BIRTHDAY.

I come along 4 days later. When everyone is partied out.

I am sure, now that I am an adult, that Bill got the proverbial birthday/Christmas gifts just like me. But as a kid I was POSITIVE he got the good stuff and I was stuck with the one present problem. Let me tell you two cards on one gift does NOT cut it!

But, secretly, (please don't tell anyone this) I was all excited about Bill's birthday. It gave me a preview of what might be waiting under the tree and what might be coming a few days later. (assuming everyone played by the rules)

The rules were
1. No Birthday/Christmas presents
2. Birthday presents had to be wrapped in Birthday paper
3. Dessert was Mom's angel food cake with white frosting and sprinkles on both birthday days.
4. And I didn't get in trouble for ignoring Dan on my birthday. (Not allowed on Bill's although Bill could ignore him if he wanted then)

Bill's birthday always brought Christmas faster and brought lots of people to the house. There was always a ton of food and lots of decorations and lots of music.

It also meant that Santa came the next morning. I still don't know for sure who played Santa (although all of us kids had our guesses) But Santa came to each of our rooms the day after Bill's Birthday.

Today is Bill's Birthday.

Now I just call him and sing Happy Birthday to him. He tells me what is happening for his day and I tell him what is going on with me.

We don't get to share Mom's angel food cake but, well, what we have now almost makes up for it.

Happy Birthday, bubber.

Love ya,


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  1. Happy Birthday Bill!

    My cousin was born ON about getting the BD shaft. But my aunt figured it out early on--Polly's party was on her half-birthday, when all her friends would be able to come over and celebrate.

    My MIL's is on the 27th...pretty sure she got shafted every year. We're going to try to make sure this year her birthday is HER, even though we'll also swap Christmas gifts.