Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There She Goes!

THE KID (age 4)
OK. I am proud of THE KID. She slogged her way through law school and then gets the Valedictorian award. That is soooooo cooool.

And I knew when she started that she would have to study just as hard for the Bar Exam. We talked about it alot. My spouse bought her the BarBri program at the start of her last year. She used the podcasts to study for her classes as well as review everything else.

The plan from the beginning is that she would have to go somewhere other than home to study at a live BarBri program. Both Melvin and I agreed (as will anyone else who has passed the Bar) that you MUST take a review program and follow it to the letter. And BarBri is the one the is generally chosen.

I was lucky. When I went through this process, the program was offered at my law school. In the same room where I eventually took the test. I didn't have to move or go anywhere else for three months. I didn't even change my routine. I parked in the same place that I had been parking in for the three years prior. I ate at the same student union where I had always eaten.

But there is no program here.

She had a few choices and she chose San Diego. Her old friends are there and one of them had room for her to crash. And as she put it, "He does care if I ignore him."

So today she left for San Diego. With all her books and clothes and things she would need for a three month stint. To study.

To study very hard.

To avoid distractions.

Like her mother.

It is a good and wise thing. We had discussed it often.

But I won't see her every day. My lunch partner and friend is away.

We use to live in different cities, hundreds of miles apart. We use to not talk on the phone all the time.

But we do now. And I treasure every moment.

I treasure her growth as well.

So tonight I am conflicted. I miss her (already) but I am so proud of her stamina and grit. I am proud that she is willing to do whatever it takes to make her dream come true.

I remember saying to a singing partner at rehearsal one night that I didn't think I would ever get over the awe that I feel when I watch her. He looked at me and said "Parents never do".

Guess I am just a parent.


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