Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have a friend named Josh. Let's get this out of the way---he is a lawyer. A CIVIL lawyer. He wouldn't know what to do with a criminal defendant.

Except-----he does criminal appeals.

So he is a very good source for the current state of the law AND the current state of courtroom antics.

I met him when I briefly worked at an insurance defense firm. (We all make our mistakes!) We became good friends.

Which astounded everyone.

Our politics, religion, life styles, and general points of view on life were at, and still are, polar opposites.
He hates cats, isn't real thrilled with dogs. Finds foul language foul and generally (at that time) lived the life of the bachelor Norwegian farmer. (Yeah, he is a farmer, too).

But he was great for bouncing legal issues around. He was (and still is) a walking encyclopedia of statutes and case law.

I was great for bouncing emotional issues around. And he had a few. And if you fed him he would talk about them (as opposed to the law which he would talk about without food).

When he met THE WOMAN we (his close friends) knew her only as "Reedley" because that is where she lived. We could not get her name out of him no matter what we did.

Until they got engaged. Then you would think that we would have a chance to forget it.......No, got it in every sentence. It was soooooo cute!

I feared that once they were married that we would lose touch.

It turns out that a friend of Josh's is a friend for life. Foul language and all.

I just sat at a restaurant with them for over 2 hours. Overlooking the ocean. And talking. FOR TWO HOURS.

We will talk more tonight. They are coming to our concert.

He is an amazing friend. Even if his world view is what it is......

I still have time to train him, I think.

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