Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The mystery is solved.

Zelda can fly.

For a Cocker Spaniel that is a very special attribute.

It also helps if you are craving cat food.

But I think I know what her runway is.

It starts with the covered blue tub that holds the extra dry cat food. The lid is quite sturdy and secure. She can't get into it but she can get on it.

And when it is placed close to a table (at this point it is next to the litter box table) she just has to maneuver the cone collar over the lip of the table and up she goes.

Then it is a simple step to the low, flat cat tree. (It looks like a tree, too!) One more step to the chest of drawers and a short, down step to the food.

I caught her when she bumped up against the lamp and I heard it! Standing there with her back feet on the chest of drawers and her cone completely over the cat food bowl!!!

At least at this point she doesn't look like she ate a bowling ball.

But she is mad at me. No snacks.

I think I need to divest the room of some furniture.

By the way, her landing was manually assisted. She did not like that flight!

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