Saturday, June 9, 2012


We have a dog area.

 It is real spiffy now.

It has gates and a ramp off the deck.

It also has weeds. LOTS of weeds.

And weeds around here mean foxtails.

BIG ones.

Now, I am not a complete idiot. Foxtails and Cocker Spaniels do not mix. Ears that hang down get grabbed by those pesky little weeds and they put their hooks in deep.

So we weedwhacked.

Several times.

We really didn't think that the dogs (well, one in particular) would eat them as they lay dead and withered on the ground.

BUT we forgot about the birdseed.

BIRDSEED? you say.

Yes, birdseed.

You see, hanging from the edge of the deck is a bird feeder. The finches and wrens and orioles and nuthatches just love it. And so do the doves. They go for what falls on the ground.

And so does that infamous dog. She LOVES birdseed. And if it is sitting on or under or about a foxtail........

Well, she eats that, too.

This resulted in foxtail mouth.

This resulted in trip to veterinarian.

This resulted in emergency surgery.

This resulted in an empty bank account.


STOP THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh no....

    I took care of a friend's dog (right after they got him from a shelter) for a while that had a foxtail stuck deep under his lower eyelid. It had probably been there for WEEKs, the poor thing.

    Until then, I'd never even known they could be a problem for dogs.