Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Musical Journey

I sing.

I love to sing.

I sing in the car.

I don't sing in the shower.

I sing walking around.

And I sing every Tuesday night with the Vocal Arts Ensemble of San Luis Obispo.

VAE at the San Luis Obispo Mission

I am privileged to do the latter.

It is a community choir. Not affiliated with any church or school or other institution.

We are just us.

The group has been together (with various members but always with Gary Lamprecht directing and Barbara Hoff accompanying) for over 35 years.

Last night we gave the first of our two Spring performances. At the San Luis Mission.

All week we rehearsed and were, well, not there yet. We missed entrances and cut offs and our ending "s" sounded like a hill of snakes.

But last night, last night was amazing.

There was not a piece that we did where someone in the audience didn't say "Wow" at the end.

We were on.

And we knew it. And we all had fun. Performing. Performing very well.

It is funny but audiences always like the concert. But some nights, some performances are greater than their parts.

Last night was one of those nights.

I sing. And last night, singing gave me a high bigger than any artificial method. (I quit drinking 15 years ago)

I have no words other than to say, "Thank you, Gary, for letting me be a part of this miracle."


  1. This makes me smile :)

    I used to love to sing...until I heard myself LOL

  2. Love singing with you Gael!!!