Sunday, December 15, 2013


There it is. The piano.

All set up and ready to go.

But for me to make it go I had to find my old music.

I knew I had it because when we moved to the country I seriously contemplated throwing it all out.

But I didn't

It held a lot of memories.

And a little hope that I would play again.

So when the piano was delivered this morning I went to the box that said "MUSIC" on the side. I brought it out to the piano.

I sat down and opened the box.

And the memories came roaring back.

There was my Aaron Thompson, Grade One piano lesson book. Grade 4 was next to it. (Have no idea where 2 and 3 went to)

There were Etude books and practice (scales) books. There was an intact copy of the May 1954 Etude magazine with the name "Hanigan" in very precise script on the front. There was a hard bound book from 1947 of Stephen Foster songs inscribed by my Aunt Louise. (I believe that was a gift to my grandmother.)

There was a copy of the "Sound of Music". I had played that from memory for years. (although I had to do a great deal of reading this morning!)

But the one that REALLY got me?

A copy of "The Impossible Dream" from the musical Man Of LaMancha.

This was the copy that Virginia Hanigan gave to Dad as his theme song when he became Lieutenant Governor of California, Nevada, Hawaii Kiwanis Clubs. It was 1969. And she wrote his name on the front.

Dad sang that song at every Kiwanis Meeting that he went to  as Lieutenant Governor that year. I must have heard him sing it a hundred times.

I had memorized it and played it for him at home.

Playing it today was a little weird. I couldn't remember where my fingers were suppose to go.

Guess I have to practice a bit.

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  1. We sang this song for our high school graduation every year!