Saturday, December 28, 2013

When It Doesn't Go Quite Right

Remember my Christmas present from the Spouse?

Yup, that's it.

The Yamaha Clavanova (electric sound-no soundboard).

I was SOOOOOO excited to get a piano again and so happy to be able to play with out disturbing people. (It has headset outlets)

I played it nearly everyday from the 15th until the 22nd of December.

Haven't touched it since.

Why, you might ask, hasn't the woman touched the piano since the 22nd of December?


The bass speaker suddenly decided to crackle and rattle when the low notes on the keyboard were struck. I could hear it over the PHONE it was so noticable.

Since I bought the thing at Costco I figured that should be the outfit to call. And I did.

They told me I had to bring it back to the store to replace it.

Now, in my most CONGENIAL of tones I informed the person to whom I was speaking that it was a PIANO and had been delivered to my home and that returning it to the store might cause considerable more damage to the item AND that it was under warranty AND that even if I could get it back it was a "road show" item and, thus they could not replace it as THERE WERE NO MORE IN THE STORE.

I was as congenial as I could be. (==snort==)

I was given a phone number to call Yamaha. (Yamaha had the warranty)

I called the number. It was answered by a machine that said that "I am out of the office until January 3. If this is an emergency please call ############.

I called the number given for emergencies. Yes, I know, it was not really an emergency but I figured it wasn't 991 so it wouldn't constitute making a non-emergency call to an emergency number. Besides, at this point my patience had left the building.

The emergency number was answered by a machine that told me to listen carefully to the menu as many items had changed.

I called this number several times trying a new menu number each time. I did that because there was no menu number for warranty or customer support or repair or ANYTHING that came close to the purpose of my call.

Eventually, I got a machine that told me (READY???)

That Yamaha Corporate Offices were CLOSED for the holidays! 


Now I am getting pissed off. I just want to find out how to FIX the piano. This is not rocket science or even mathematics. It is, however, customer service. An Art.

The next call is back to Costco.

I delicately explain the situation to another customer service employee. She gets it. She gets a manager.

That young man asks for all the pertinent information: date of purchase, purchase order number (if I have it), date of delivery, and my member number. He requests that I send all of this to him by email and he will contact his Corporate Office regarding the proper contact at Yamaha.

I send the email that night.

I expected a phone call on the next business day to apprise me of his progress. As of yesterday- nothing.

I call Costco again.

I ask for the manager by name.


"He isn't here, can I take a message?"

I briefly (no sarcasm- I was brief) told her that I had expected a call since I had sent an email directly to him regarding my issues.


He had been gone since that day. I was not told why (it really wasn't my business) But I was referred to another manager. I was given his email as well. I was told he would call me as soon as he was available.

I did apologize to this person because I had been a bit of a Christmas Boob. She understood and laughed telling me I was one of the easier ones.

Anyway, I forwarded my first email (the one with all the pertinent info) to the second manager and added that I was not expecting much as I had been lied to at every step in this process and frankly didn't expect a call from him.
(yeah, I was snotty)

Lo and Behold!

I got a phone call yesterday. This manager had called Corporate, had call Yamaha , found the local repair person AND called him!

Tonight I contacted the repair person who says he will be here about noon on Monday.

My faith in humanity is gradually being restored!

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