Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First World Problems

I expected to have a big day today.

My last active case was set for the taking of a plea.

It has taken YEARS to hammer out this deal. And today was the day.

So, I got up this morning and went rummaging for my remaining suit.

I went through "workday" ablutions.

I went out to my car.

Hum......Back tire (driver's side) seemed low. I walk around the car. The front (passenger's side) tire was FLAT.

This was not good.

We live at the end of a mile long dirt road. It is then about 15 miles to the closest town that has the type of assistance that the poor Vibe required.

Not being totally stupid, we have a tire inflation thingy. Spouse starts that up and filled both tires.

In a suit, I carefully drive to the tire emergency room. (VERY CAREFULLY)

After the expert tire doctors look at said tires, they pronounce them hopeless. They recommend removing them.

One has a sidewall puncture. The other?

Well, the other was just too frail to continue.

While properly mourning tires that had been with the Vibe for less than 3 years, I was given the news that rugged, mountain taming tires are only made for monster trucks.

"What?" My little Vibe is not entitled to reasonable protection from potholes and boulders?  (Admittedly the potholes can be bigger than pots and the boulders can come in the small economy size)

I then had to replace the not so long suffering used tires with less than top of the line new tires. Less than top of the line was necessary because even top of the line tires that fit the Vibe would be just as chewed up in about the same amount of time and would cost a good $300 more!

But Vibe needed new feet. Vibe needed to make it to the grocery store and rehearsal in one piece.

So, she has new feet.

And she likes them.

She hummed down to San Luis. She hummed back up.

And she will hum to rehearsal tonight.

I have only one question.

Why do the little "emergencies" always happen when payday is tomorrow?

Just askin'

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