Sunday, September 7, 2014

That was Heartburn?

So I am minding my own business. Driving down the freeway to go have a "discussion" with Verizon.

The spouse's phone (which we just transferred from a now defunct business line) was working and then......wasn't. Could not make a call out or receive a call or text.

Two days before I had spent over 4 hours on the phone with "tech support" that resulted in a decision that it was a network problem. Got a ticket number and was told I would hear from those good folk in less than 24 hours.

At the time that I was driving down the road it had been 48 hours. I had called Verizon tech support back at the number given to me by the tech support people and was told----

wait for it---

the SIM card was the problem.

It wasn't. That had been established in the four hour marathon phone call.

So I am minding my own business, driving down the freeway to "discuss" the situation.

While doing so, I get an ache in my upper left chest area.

But I go to the store and attempt to confront the poor tech person on the floor. She deflects me very well and says: "This isn't a SIM card issue." DUH?

I begin the wind up to a true "discussion" when she says: "This phone wasn't coded correctly when you transferred it. This will only take a minute." She transfers the information correctly. Phone is fixed.

But I still have this ache in my shoulder.

Now THE KID has previously advised me that should such a pain occur and continue for any amount of time, I am to go to the ER.

She has advised me (in "discussion" mode) that failure to do as she has instructed will result in my demise. Demise either by what hurts or, surviving that, by her hand for being an idiot.

So I proceed to the ER.

First question: "Can we help you?"
First answer: "I hope not."
Quizzical looks.

"I have a pain right here."

Looks of understanding and immediate reaction.

Within 5 minutes I am in a gown, in an ER bed, and a very young, cute male child is hooking me up to an EKG machine.

A little blood work, an IV line, a little of this and a little of that and the doctor says:
"I don't think this was an infarction. But you are staying the night so that we can do further testing." 

The pain finally goes away.

The entire crew is giving me praise for coming in.

I sleep.
I go home.

Stress test next week.

Just to make double sure that the diagnosis is correct.

Oh, the diagnosis?



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  1. Always better to err on the side of your own kid not doing you in ;)