Saturday, September 27, 2014

Me? DOMESTIC?!!?!?!?!

I have retired.

With running a business and saving the world one client at a time.

(OK, for transparency--I do occasionally assist The Kid with the readin', 'ritin', and such)

I knew, when I decided to walk (actually run) away from 30 years of high tension, deadline based work (let's not forget the client's lives in my hands), I would have some free time.

So, I planned.

I determined that I might like to weave. On a loom. A big loom.

I honestly cannot say what led to this determination and I feared that it would be like so may other forays into the arts. Let's see....

oil painting in the 70's.....(please do not ask to see any of those attempts)
furniture refinishing in the 70's and the 90's. (I actually enjoyed it...sort of)
crocheting in the 60's- that was a big tangle.....

There were more but they all ended the same way.
I was simply unable to make my fingers go where my brain said to go. I became frustrated and quit each and every one.

Anyway, it was now the 20teens and I had grown aged a bit.

Then a loom fell into my lap. (see previous posts on this blog) I found a weaving class and...
off I went.

I had made the assumption that I should consider the weaving class as I did AA. Take what I need and leave the rest. I did this as I have never enjoyed the company of the people who were in the other art classes that I had taken. (I know, I know, I should be open to all people but I can be a bit of a snob when people don't know anything about government or insist that all lawyers are shysters....)

But this class was different.

Not only was I learning how to weave, I was learning at my own pace.

How did that happen, you might ask...

The instructor is not only a master weaver, she is a techy--having worked in the hallowed halls of Google, taught arts in the local schools and, in general, is an educated and erudite professional. Likewise for most of the class.

Politics and religion are NOT off the table for discussion. And it remains a discussion. When we talk.

Most of the time we are concentrating on counting threads or picks or heddles or dents. (Don't ask...)

After my first month, the instructor and I came up with a design for a scarf for me to weave at home on my own loom.

I have been working on this thing for awhile. With her help I worked through all the problems that can and did occur in this project.

Today, it came off the loom.


It started like this:

And became this:

I am already planning the next project!

This is a blast.

I think I can use the word "domesticated" but PLEASE don't tell my spouse!

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