Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Have I Become??!!

As I have said before, and I now say again, I was not meant to be domesticated.

In school I was always the competitive, athletic tomboy.

I played baseball and football and basketball.

But custom dictated ( through my parents) that I wear dresses and skirts.

I learned how to cook fancy meals (but couldn't make pancakes or mash potatoes).

I REFUSED to admit that I could type.

I REFUSED to admit that I knew how to clean a bathroom.

I REFUSED to admit that I could cook ANYTHING.

I wasn't that kind of girl.

I was headstrong, determined, and I was gonna be just like the boys. PERIOD.

Eventually, I became a lawyer and played in the big-boy courts. I had other people clean my house. I ordered a LOT of pizza and Chinese food. I even (at one point) sent out the laundry! I was just as busy and harried and impatient as the big boys.

Then I quit.

And something has been happening.

Take today.

The KIDS were coming for dinner.

So I got up and made home-made Cheez-its. And clam dip. 

While waiting for the home-made Cheez-its to finish baking, I made the salad and the meatballs. I warmed (very slowly) the spaghetti sauce. I made sure the lemon pie was perfect. Then I made the garlic bread. I set the table with place mats and napkins.

And while I had a minute or two between those chores, I finished Melvin's scarf.

 Oh, I typed out this little missive.


Yeah, I'm happy.

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  1. You never know what life with sneak up on you with; I've hated pink all my life, but look at me now...