Thursday, November 6, 2014

On Flu season and Hobbies

I am sick.

Started out as a chest cold. Hacking an hewing my way through a day. Noticing that breathing is really a nice thing.

This will be over soon. I said to myself on day 1.

On Day 2.

On Day 3.

We are now on Day 6.

And today my skin starts to hurt and my joints ache.

Now I am a bit confused.

Is this getting better or getting worse?

I live in the middle of nowhere. Literally. (I use the term correctly. You would agree if you were here!)

We live at the last electric pole on this grid. That qualifies.

My point is that there is no one from whom I can get the flu!

Now it is true that THE KID has been hacking and hewing. Longer than me. So have some of our singers in VAE. But none had the flu! None have reported flu symptoms.

My guess is that Zelda is so pissed about her haircut that she had it flown in by carrier pidgeon!

Yes she looks like a sheep.

But that is another whole story and I digress.

I now feel like a fluey person that is getting better.


There has been a brighter side to this physical decrepitude.

I have been weaving. My new love.

I could do that while I hacked and hewed and even when I ached. (OK, it wasn't as bad as the flu I had in North Dakota in a73-74. But I digress again) 

Today I finished the project that was on the loom. It is a scarf. (I am still into scarves until I learn a few more tricks of the trade!)

And here it is.

Yeah, being sick is a bummer. Unless you weave!

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  1. Wow...that is beautiful. You could sell stuff like that.

    Hope you feel better quick. I don't think I could sit and weave with the flu...all I would do is sleep.